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To help business leaders and changemakers embrace this more ambitious speed of change, John and his colleagues designed Project Breakthrough is a partnership with the United Nations Global Compact (UNGC) focussing on the market opportunities of solving systemic challenges, as laid out by the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals.In particular, the initiative is exploring the emerging mindsets, business models and technologies making the opportunities possible.

It was symptomatic of his broad interests that he was offered the opportunity to receive the award at the convocation ceremonies of the Economics Department (a subject he gave up after a year in 1968), the Sociology Department (the subject of his first degree), the Business School (given his focus all these years) or the School of Biological Sciences (which hosts the relatively new Sustainability Institute).

Whilst much progress has been made, and many hard-fought battles won, John has become increasingly agitated by the incremental nature of the progress – often in the face of exponential problems.